Sunday, 1 September 2013

September is the January of Fashion

Hello all

Those of you who have seen R.J. Cutler’s fly on the wall documentary “The September Issue”, a film which shows the making of the biggest issue of Vogue ever, may recgonise the title of this post. Candy Pratts Price, Fashion Editor of American Vogue, said in the film; “September is the January in Fashion”. This, along with the title of the film, demonstrates just how important September is to the fashion industry. As Fashion Week takes place in September, often people see it has a 'new begninning'.

However, it's not just in the fashion industry that people view September as a kind of 'new year'. Schools begin their new year in Septmeber & in a previous job of mine, I found out that sales often increase in Septmeber & it's the perfect time to launch a product as people are looking to start afresh or try new things.

I am defnintely viewing September as my new begninng. I have some exciting projects coming up, that I'm sure I will reveal on here once everything is confirmed, & I'm trying to have a fresh start. For me, September is a good time to begin. My birthday is in October so that means I have a month trial and settle into my changes before I become another age, the weather is still fairly nice & the beginning of Autumn, my favourite season & finally, this year I have gone through a lot of bad stuff & I finally just want to move on & start again. So instead of waiting for January, & influenced by watching 'The September Issue' whilst reading September Vogue, I decided that I would really try this month.

So I thought I would share with you some of my new year projects & plans!

1. Second season of working on LFW! I have the oppourtunity to work on London Fashion Week later this month & I am so excited. Having one season already under my belt, I feel a lot more confident about this season & promise to document it much better than I previously did. It will be at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, so I'm excited to see some up & coming desingers, but also hope to have a quick stop at Somerset House too.

2. I have an internship with a fabulous magazine upcoming that is such an amazing opportunity & will hopefully help me land a perminent position eventually.

3. I'm setting up a YouTube channel! After debuting on Millie's, of She Hearts The High Street, channel in August, I've been getting together some filming equipment & organising a nice backdrop so I aim to have my first solo video this Saturday coming!

4. I have an idea for a weekly or bi-weekly feature that I can't wait to start. It will involve quite a bit of research & will combine a few of my different interests. It is something I am really enthusiastic about & I am finally going to commit to. Also, another plan is to post far more regularly.

I do have some other excitment in the pipline but as I said previously, I want more confirmation & certainty beore I let you all know!

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