Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fashion Week Essentials #2: Fashion Faves

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#NYFW is now in full swing! Instagram & Twitter are being bombarded with SS14 pictures & updates of what is going to be in vogue in the new year.
Today's post is going to focus on some fashion favourites. Of course, fashion week is about creativity. Look at any fashion blogger or FROW, & you'll see an array of style, from daring to demure. However, there are some items that I believe you should definitely include. In the below collage, I have put together some basic essentials, with a nod towards my own style. These can be tailor made to suit your style or outfits over fashion week!

 Clockwise from topleft: Roll up ballet flats- Rollasole | Blazer- New Look | Bowler Bag- Zara | Shopper- Zara | Sunglasses- Topshop | Black tights- Primark | Silver & Black necklace- New Look | Silver necklace- Rock n Rose | Monochrome scarf- Topshop

So, as this was my essentials most of the items are black, shock! However, the principle of each item has a reason.

First off, a pair of roll up ballet flats are absolute essentials to through in your bag to run between shows. Lightweight, simple & plain, these come in a range of colours so you can match them to your outfit. I chose black ones with a tiny skull, because it's me! 
Next, as I stated in my previous post about beauty essentials, which you can read here, both September & February fashion weeks, in all of the host cities, it is likely to be a little chilly! Including a light jacket or blazer is a good idea. I love this New Look one, as it's a good mix of casual but could also smarten up an outfit too. Of course, chose a jacket that suits your outfit, but I'd say a jacket is a must have.
Having a fairly big bag is essential, not only for all your must haves, but also it's likely you will receive some goodies on your travels, from food to fashion bits. So having a fairly large bag will mean you can throw everything in & be carrier bag free. These two from Zara are plain black & very large. Although I do love a designer bag, sometimes an unbranded bad is also very handy so you can take it to any show without being attached to a certain brand, for example taking a Mulberry bag to a Celine show may not look that great!
As I've previously mentioned, September & February have very temperamental weather, so although it could be cold, you may also have a sunny day, so a pair of sunglasses are a good idea. As you may know, I love the cats eye shape, they suit my face & are timeless.
 If you're wearing tights, I think it's a good idea to bring a spare pair, in case of ladders!
My penultimate items are two statement necklaces. I think accessorizing can really change an outfit, so these statement necklaces can glam up a day outfit for night, or just change between shows & make you look appropriate for the show you're attending. I love the RocknRose cuff style silver necklace, it's simple but still makes a statement.
Finally, having a chiffony scarf is again a good idea for the intermittent weather, & similar to the necklaces, it can really change up an outfit.

Of course, you should also show your style over fashion week & use it as a time to express your personality & creativity. These items are just a basis to help make things most comfortable. For example, chose different colours or styles of flats, bag, scarf and glasses to suit your style & inject some personality to your look.

Next time I'll be doing a tech essentials post, from camera's to chargers!
Hope you're all enjoying the fashion week reports & even more so if you've attended any shows in New York!!

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