Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fashion Week Essentials #3: Electrical Essentials

Hello all,

I hope you enjoyed London Fashion Week. Even though I've been working flat out for the whole thing for the show I'm involved in, I've enjoyed the reporting from my favourite bloggers! I must say, London Fashion Week is probably my favourite due to it's edgy, rebelious style (closely followed by the beautiful couture creations of Paris!)

Even though New York & London Fashion Weeks are over, we still have to make way for Milan & the finale in 'le gai Pairs'! This installment of 'Fashion Week Essential' focus' on the more boring items, but necessary none the less.

How boring does this look? Making it was so boring! 
Nevertheless, each item is very much needed for us bloggers!

First off, an iPad, Kindle Fire or any other kind of tablet is perfect for blogging on the go. In London at least there were several blogger friendly media lounges or spaces set aside with free WiFi so you can report on the trends as they happen! Tablets are light & easy to use, so much better than lugging a laptop with you. 
A camera is also essential to capture all the fashion week action, from who's on the FROW, to what's the new it silhouette, to snapping some inspirational street style. I haven't got too much advice or knowledge on this subject as I have a very old camera, but I do know that although it may be the case that 'bigger is better' (camera's cheeky!), I would prefer a smaller, but still decent, camera. Also, even though taking pictures for your blog, or personal use is important, don't get too wrapped up in getting the perfect shot. Make sure you actually watch the show! & not through a lenses, enjoy and embrace the atmosphere of the show.
Phones. Who could live without them now. As a recent convert to the iPhone, I have to say I wouldbe a little lost without it. With maps, emails and internet on the go, you can make your way from show to show with the help of your mobile.
With all this tech-y stuff, you must remember to bring changers! I love this adaptor that has multiple wires to charge lots of different devices. (Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about? I'm probably one of the most technology 'backwards' people around!)
Finally, I kicked it old school & included some batteries. You never know when you might need them I guess!

Now, because this was very tech-y &, in my opinion, boring(!), I thought I'd 'fashion it up', & include some tech accessories.
 Clockwise l-r: iPhone Home button stickers- Topshop | Oxblood phone purse- Topshop | Leopard print E-Reader pouch- New Look | iPhone case- Moschino via Net-a-Porter | iPad pouch- Marc by Marc Jacobs | iPad case- Lanvin via Net-a-Porter | Cat Earphones & matching iPhone case- New Look

The above items will personalise & fashion-ize your tech-y bits. These, as previous posts, are all my style, but ensure you extend your own style to your electrical items.
I love the cute cat accessories from New Look, proof that I will be the crazy cat lady! I added some designer bits, obviously out of my budget but I can admire them from a far!

So, as the grande finale creeps closer, I have one final 'Fashion Week Essentials' post for you lovely readers, all about paper work & passes. Again, I will balance the boring with the beautiful & keep it fashion based.


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  1. The media lounges were great! I really need to invest in a tablet though x

    Jodie Marie | à la Jode