Thursday, 14 March 2013

Style Crush: Miranda Kerr

I have a major style crush on Miranda Kerr at the moment. Her effortless style, mixing tailored peices in a way that looks chic and relaxed. She seems to keep a similar colour palette of neautral blacks, greys and whites with occaisonal flashes of burgundy or navy. I like the fact that she is pictured wearing the same bag or jeans more than once, to me that makes her seem a lot more relatable. Also she owns (and goes out in) flats! Unlike many other celebs who are only ever seen in skyscraper heels, many pictures I have found show Ms Kerr in ballet flats (yay!). Major wardrobe envy!

Her classic style is always elegant and sophisticated and seems to consist of a few key peices that can be then interchanged. This is perfect for someone on a budget (like me). I have previously stressed the importance of building a basic wardrobe and Miranda Kerr is a perfect example of how this can work.

She recently became the face of Mango, a perfect marriage with classic silhouttes and a monochrome base.

Recreate Miranda's look:

I can relate to Miranda's look as I love tailored pieces and my basic colour palette is black and white with hints of burgundy. Now all I have to do it grow a few feet and maybe I'll get my own Orlando Bloom and Victoria Secret's deal, haha!

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