Friday, 29 March 2013

New Look Haul

I've been shopping! I had a long awaiting shopping trip, however I was mainly on the hunt for some basic pieces to work with what I already have. I am definitely realizing the importance of building a basic wardrobe, so I went for a monochrome theme.
I'm really loving pencil skirts at the moment, I think they give such a nice shape and can be dressed up or down. This polka dot skirt fits like a glove and is so comfy. I've found it doesn't make me do too much of a 'wiggle' when I walk like other pencil skirts can do, just the right amount of wiggle with this skirt!
You may have seen my '5 Ways To Wear...Black Midi Dress', and I have finally got one! I opted for a cap sleeved one as I don't particularly like my arms, so this was a nicer option for me. It fits so nicely and I feel so good when I wear it, I definitely recommend this for a body confidence outfit!
Next up I saw this 2-in-1 shirt and jumper combo and thought it could work well with my (already overflowing) wardrobe.
Then I wandered into the kids section and picked up a few bits. These boots are my new favourite! I don't think this is a picture of the ones I actually got as the ones I got have about a 2-3 inch heel but they are very similar in material and style. They are super comfy and make my legs look a bit better.
Then I got this basic black crop top as they didn't have my size in the adult section and this size fit fine and was cheaper anyway!

Very happy with my purchases and I have been making the most of all my new pieces!

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