Wednesday, 13 March 2013

5 Ways to Wear... Ice Cream Colours/ Pastels

Ice Cream Colours or Pastel shades are so cute and always make me think of a 50s ice cream parlor or the 'Pink Ladies' in Grease. If I'm honest, I'm not really a pastel wearing girl. I like the classic monochrome, occasionally with flashes of red. But pastels look so pretty(especially in the Oxford Street Miss Selfridge store window I walk past daily!) and I was also inspired by the Barry M pastel collection.

Therefore,  I thought I would theme this '5 Ways to Wear..' on Pastels







I've got to say, I did find this one tougher, as it wasn't my usual style but it was fun and looks very sweet!
Lemon was the most challenging as I really hate yellow! Despite the fact that when I was 8 my room was yellow and it was my favourite colour, I have a massive aversion to it now. However this lemon jumper and bag can be toned down with a leather look skirt and platform boots.
Mint is a really fresh colour, perfect for spring. For this night look, adding the lace with coated jeans makes it sophisticated but still fun.
Brown, Lilac and light denim look really nice together and I feel this could be a day or night look, I can see it in a beer garden with a nice Kopperberg!
This is a very 'me' look. Everyone should own a leather jacket in my opinion, as it gives some Rock Chick edge to this pretty peach dress.
My personal favourite is the last pink one. I love skater skirts paired with converse (probably due to my Avril Lavigne obsession as a tween!).

I had a very good response to my previous floral '5 Ways to Wear..' (Thank you!!) so I hope you like this and I will work on better ones for you soon!

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