Friday, 7 December 2012

Decemeber Wish List

Leather Disco Pants - Daisy Street / Coat - MissSelfridge / Socks- MissSelfridge / Skirts- Miso@Republic / Studded Slippers - MissGuided / Velvet Boots-  Dr. Martens / Sweater - Republic / Turban - Alice Hannah for Topshop

Can't believe it is Decemeber already! This time last year I had a broken foot and was studying for January exams. It's mad how quickly time can pass, and how different your circumstances can change. Not in my wildest dreams last year did I think  I'd be where I am now.

As mentioned in my last post, I have changed my 'weekly wish list' to a monthly feature, as really, I'm not a very wanting person and found it hard to keep finding things I really wanted on a weekly basis. So here is my first monthly post! I love Autumn/Winter fashion so doing this Wish List was easy. The coat and socks was featured in my last post about Alexa Chung. I have some left over Topshop vouchers from my birthday, so I am going to put them towards the coat as I think it's a very classic style and I could get years of wear out if it.

I visited Westfields Stratford a few weeks ago (which is amazing!) and rediscovered Republic. It houses some great brands and has some really nice things in at the moment. Although I really like the Guns N' Roses sweater, it annoys me when people buy and wear tops with band logo's, and they don't know a single song by them!

My trusty Missguided studded slippers have fallen apart :( it was inevitable though as I wore them almost daily, so I need to replace them. Also, love the velvet DM! They don't have the trademark yellow stitching so look slightly sleeker in my opinion.

Finally, the headband / turban is a trend I havent yet tried, but am contemplating this winter. If I get my full fringe back, I'd say its a no-no, but if not, I might dabble with the trend!


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