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FASHION: New Look SS'14 Press Day

Hello All!

Last week, my beautiful blogging buddy Millie, from She Hearts The High Street, & I went to the New Look SS'14 Press Day. Around this time last year, I went to the SS'13 New Look Press Day, which you can read about here, so it was lovely to go back this year! 

Generally, myself & Millie are more Autumn / Winter girls, however it was very interesting to see what was to be in vogue next year.

The Press Day was divided into 7 sections. The main attraction was, of course, the four clothing sections divided in the following collections; California Dreaming, Tomorrow’s Yesterday, Seattle Grunge & Neon Bloom. Then there was an underwear section, jewellery wall, a swimwear area & there were several sets of shelves with shoes (a.k.a my weakness) & bags. As you may know, as it is pretty obvious, I am a fan of monochrome. So naturally, I was drawn immediately to 'Tomorrow's Yesterday', which was a monochromatic, sixties inspired collection, incorporating underwear as outerwear, with lace trimmed slips.
 Unfortunately, I didn't pay as much attention to the other collections as they were really not my style. For 'California Dreaming', the best way I can describe it is as a Bo-Ho, Nicole Richie-esque collection. It's very folky, a definite Coachella vibe running through the looks!
'Seattle Grunge' I would consider to be the collection that I liked the most of the remaining three. Millie really liked this collection, with its acid wash denim & t-shirts & strappy 90s baby doll style dresses. I can see this really working for her with her amazing blonde hair!
Finally, 'Neon Bloom' was the typical 'Florals? For Spring? How original' Miranda Preistly from The Devil Wears Prada comment. As usual, there was a floral presence at the Spring Summer Press Day, a print that I am really not interested in, sorry!

Moving on to the underwear, New Look have always had a lovely selection of underwear. Although I am not big busted (or perhaps it'd be fairer to say busted at all!), I think the Kelly Brook bra & knickers sets are so lovely! The SS'14 collection was set in a perfect boudoir, with a heart shaped mirror that had 'movie star style mirror lights', something that I fell instantly in love with!

Finally, there was a jewelery wall. Honestly, in terms of shiney things, I am a bit of a magpie. If something glitters, or shimmers, it will definitely catch my eye. But that is wear the fascination ends. I do not have much, if any, sparkley items in my clothing or beauty iteams. I would love to be a girl who has so many rings, or signature bracelet or scarf a la Miranda Priestly & her Hermes scarf (sorry for the heavy Devil Wears Prada references today!), but alas, I am not!

Upon leaving, we were given a goody bag featuring the SS'14 lookbook, which was incredibly nicely presented & I really appreciated the artwork & layout. It also featured an Elemis face product (that would make an excellent stocking filler, so thanks New Look!) a clutch bag & a gift card.
As the press day was very close to Oxford Circus, Millie & I decided to see if the card had any value. At most we were expecting £10, which we considered extremely generous! However, the wonderful press team at New Look shocked us! I won't disclose the exact amount, but I was so grateful & so thankful. Here is what I bought with lovely gift card:
I've been looking for a black coat for a while now. I had the idea of the Zara-esque biker style jacket from last year. However, I came across this beauty with the leather look sections & it's perfect fit (& a little help from the gift card!) this baby is now mine. I have practically lived in it, it is so cosy!

The talented Millie also vlogged about our trip, which you can watch here! It features our outfits of the day & our dinner date to The Diner in Soho!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a peak into the New Look SS'14 press day if you didn't get a chance to go. All the collections featured here will be available from New Look in Spring & Summer of 2014!

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